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We are crazy about monograms, whether it is a single initial or all of them together.  We have a variety of designs to choose from.  Need some guidance on proper monogram etiquette? Read below to find out more or stop in and ask.

Monogra Etiquette


If it doesn't have your monogram, is it really even yours? 


Here are some recommended guidelines to consider for your customized monogram, but we all know rules are meant to be broken sometimes, so don't get too stressed over the industry standards. 


For the Ladies

This monogram uses a 3-initial feminine format that uses a larger size font for the last initial.  The larger middle letter represents the Last Name Initial ~ with the First Name Initial to the left, and the Middle Name Initial to the right. 


Cathryn Grace Jones



For the Guys

Traditionally the male monogram consists of 3-letters of the same size in a masculine format.  For the guys, the initials are done in their order. It is displayed in the order of the First Name Initial, Middle Name Initial, and Last Name Initial. 


James Caleb Smith



For the Married Couple

The easiest method to remember this guideline is to remember that Ladies are always first! In the 3-initial monogram for a couple, the ladies initial will go first, followed by the last initial (which will be larger and in the center), followed by the first initial of the husband. For names that start with Mc or Mac, we suggest using "M" and for names that start with "O" and names that begin with Van or Von use "V". 


Mary & William Smith



The Stacked Monogram

The first 2-initials will be stacked with the last initial to the right of them (so that it takes up the height of both of the other letters). For example, Kimberly Diane Little would be entered KDL with K & D being stacked. 


Full Name Personalization

Let's face it, not everyone has pretty initials, so you may prefer a full name personalization for your item.  We suggest using either your first or last name, or both.  


Christina Welborn



Single Letters

This style allows you to display any single initial of your choice, typically your first or last name initial. 





If you still have any questions regarding your monogram, don't hesitate to ask and we will be more than happy to assist you you with the best design, thread color or vinyl color. 

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